Solvent Evaporation, Compact Personal Evaporator

The Centrifan PE (Personal Evaporator) is a portable, easy-to-use centrifugal concentration/evaporation system that provides safe, rapid drying of purified fractions and lab scale reaction mixtures. Operators simply load samples, set the temperature, and close the lid to start the rotor- no complex programming is required. The low-maintenance system is ideal for drying medicinal chemistry scaffold modifications in drug discovery as well as the reaction mixtures of many other synthetic chemistry applications. The compact unit is also very effective for sample prep evaporation steps and for drying purified lab scale fractions from a Flash LC or HPLC.

With a small 8 x 8 inch footprint and only 18 inches high, the self-contained Centrifan PE requires little bench space and doesn't need to be placed under a fume hood. The portable system can also be operated on a lab cart, providing further convenience and savings of bench space. The Centrifan PE provides rotor options including six 20 mL scintillation vials, eight 1.6 mL Eppendorf tubes, and eight 1.8 mL HPLC injection vials.

No vacuum pump is required! Its inherent simplicity means it will run for many years with no maintenance. Its size is ideal for medicinal and other synthetic chemists who need to evaporate small quantities of reaction mixtures. It is also right-sized for drying HPLC and Flash LC fractions of interest. The instrument provides a safe, reliable, and green alternative to other evaporators which may not recover the solvents that they evaporate.

The Centrifan PE- Personal Evaporator combines the features of a centrifuge and a blow-down evaporator, offering unparalleled performance in a simple, workhorse system:

  • High Purity and Yield: centrifugal force ensures sample integrity
  • Easy-to-Use: close the lid to start
  • Green Solvent Recovery: gas recirculates in a closed system
  • Versatile: ideal for Flash, SPE, medicinal chemistry and synthesis, high throughput synthesis, inorganic chemistry, protein purification, and environmental analysis
  • Compact: portable, minimal bench space, small footprint
  • 3 year Limited Warranty: no maintenance necessary
  • Affordable

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KD780070 - Centrifan PE-T Personal Evaporator (includes Cold Trap w/500ml flask and Timer), rotor sold separately, 120 VACAdd to Cart  5602.00
KD781070 - Centrifan PE-T Personal Evaporator (includes Cold Trap w/500ml flask and Timer), rotor sold separately, 220 VACAdd to Cart  5438.57
KD780071 - Centrifan PE Personal Evaporator (includes Cold Trap w/500ml flask), rotor sold separately, 120 VACAdd to Cart  3950.00
KD781071 - Centrifan PE Personal Evaporator (includes Cold Trap w/500ml flask), rotor sold separately, 220 VACAdd to Cart  4938.00
KD780072 - Centrifan PE-L Personal Evaporator Lite (without cold trap), rotor sold separately, 120 VACAdd to Cart  3688.00
KD781072 - Centrifan PE-L Personal Evaporator Lite (without cold trap), rotor sold separately, 220 VACAdd to Cart  3688.00
SolventRotor*Total Volume in RotorTemperatureTime to Dry Rotor
MethanolA6 x 10 mL40°C60 min.
WaterA6 x 5 mL40°C3 hrs.
HexaneA6 x 10 mL40°C15 min.
AcetoneA6 x 10 mL40°C35 min.
Isopropyl AlcoholA6 x 10 mL40°C70 min.
DMSOA6 x 1 mL40°C12 hrs.
Methylene ChlorideA6 x 10 mL40°C25 min.
AcN/H2O (70/30)A6 x 10 mL40°C3 hrs.

SolventRotor*Total Volume in RotorTemperatureTime to Dry Rotor
MethanolB8 x 1 mL40°C65 min.
HexaneB8 x 1 mL40°C15 min.
AcetoneB8 x 1 mL40°C20 min.
Isopropyl AlcoholB8 x 1 mL40°C50 min.
DMFB8 x 1 mL40°C4 hrs.
Ethyl AcetateB8 x 1 mL40°C25 min.
Methylene ChlorideB8 x 1 mL40°C18 min.
AcetonitrileB8 x 1 mL40°C35 min.
AcN/H2O (70/30)B8 x 1 mL40°C3 hrs.

*Rotor KeyRotor/No. & Container
A6 x 20mL Scint. Vial
B8 x 1mL Eppendorf

The Centrifan PE generates its own gas flow to accelerate sample evaporation by using a novel process which recirculates a captured volume of gas. Centrifugal force keeps samples secure in their containers and ensures maximum purity and yield. The technique eliminates the need for a vacuum pump or a large supply of blow down gas, significantly reducing complexity and maintenance compared to rotary evaporators, vacuum centrifuges, and blow-down equipment. Because it operates without vacuum, the system eliminates the potential for cross contamination and sample loss caused by solvent bumping and foaming.

The recirculating gas flow is produced by a centrifugal fan into which a holder is placed to carry the drying containers. The spinning fan generates a high flow rate of drying gas which is directed through the containers. The rotation generates centrifugal force to keep 100% of the solute pressed in the sample containers, thus preventing compound loss and cross contamination. Evaporated solvent vapors are continuously circulated through a dry ice cold trap to condense the solvent vapor and return dry gas to the Centrifan housing to pick up more solvent. The system achieves very high solvent recovery because the vapor-carrying gas circulates continuously through the cold trap during the drying process.

Reducing Operator Time for Rotary Evaporators

Time Saving Benefits:
Centrifan PE vs. Conventional Rotorvap

Conventional Rotorvap System:
Rotor-Vacuum Evaporators are commonly used by synthetic and purification chemists to dry solutions prior to redissolution in another solvent or prior to long term storage of the finished product. Since the volume of the starting solution is always greater than that of the final dried compound, the practice of moving to a 20 mL scintillation vial for the final evaporation step is common. Rotorvap manufacturers have facilitated compound transfer from round bottom flasks to scintillation vials by providing special adapters to maintain a vacuum-tight seal between the relatively small vial format and the large vacuum taper of the rotorvap. Drying the last 10mL in a scintillation vial requires care and experience to avoid sample loss or contamination from bumping and foaming. This compound finishing step is critical to the process and can require the same amount of rotorvap time to complete as the first 490 mL, while requiring much more analyst time.

Centrifan PE
The Centrifan PE (for personal evaporator) can be used instead of the rotorvap to efficiently dry the last 10 mL of product solution in a 20 mL scintillation vial with confidence and unattended operation. After transferring the 10 mL aliquot from the round-bottom to the scintillation vial, the user simply places the sample in the rotor of the Centrifan PE, closes the lid to start the rotor, and sets the temperature. The solution in the scintillation vial dries securely in the Centrifan PE without further monitoring and frees the laboratory worker for other tasks. In addition, the Centrifan PE offloads the time consuming finishing tasks from the rotorvap thus potentially increasing overall evaporation productivity.