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Sorbent Technologies™ offers both prepacked (Purity™) and empty (EZ Flash) flash cartridges. Manufactured out of solvent resistant polypropylene, these columns can survive harsh purification conditions. All our cartridges are compatible with the Sorbtech™ EZ Flash System, Teledyne Isco™, Biotage™, Agilent Technologies™, Interchim™, Grace Discovery Sciences™, and Buchi™ systems.

Advantages of the Purity™ Flash Cartridges are speed, resolution, and a greater loading capacity while being able to withstand higher pressures (up to 300 psi). Packed with Premium RF™ Silica Gel, Purity™ Flash Cartridges offer tighter particle distribution and minimal fines, keeping back pressure low.

Advantages of our Sorbtech EZ Flash cartridges are ease of usability, versatile packing scenarios, replaceable frits, and having a high-pressure tolerance. With the EZ Flash cartridges customers can pack, clean, and reuse both cartridges and media.

Advantages of Flash Systems vs. Glass Columns
Purity Cartridges
  • Faster Run Time: 2-10 times faster
  • Ready for GMP Certification and Compliance
  • Increase Sample Loading: 2-10 x's greater
  • Decrease Labor Cost & Saves Time associated
  • Increase Sample Yield & Productivity with packing, cleaning, and running of column
  • Better Separation & Resolution
  • Safer/Eliminates Hazards due to handling and
  • Ensures Reproducibility from Run to Run disposing of sorbents, packing, and cleaning
  • Utilize Less Solvent breaking of glass columns