Bulk Adsorbents, Preparative Chromatography

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Sorbent Technologies

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Highest Quality
We pride ourselves in offering preparative chromatography products manufactured to the highest standards. The following characteristics in our bulk adsorbents contribute to higher performing products in TLC, LC, and HPLC and concurrently give you the confidence you require to not only save time but also succeed at your work.

  • High purity adsorbents
  • Standardized activities
  • Narrow particle and pore distributions
  • Consistent particle shape and surface symmetry
  • Excellent mechanical and structural properties for pressure stability
  • Exceptional bonding techniques

Broadest Selection
Sorbent Technologies offers a full range of standardized granular silica gels in premium and standard grades. Our complete selection of silica gel products are designed to perform simple to complex analytical and preparative chromatographic techniques for laboratory, pilot, and industrial process applications.

Do you want high yield, high purity, use less solvent, or use less resin for your column? In the past, we've helped customers decrease cost, time, and effort on their separations by helping them choose the proper separation media. Fill out our resin questionnaire and our team of chemists can recommend the proper resin to use.

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Granular and Spherical

  • Particle sizes for analytical to preparative to process applications from 2.0µm to 3mm
  • Pore sizes for small to large molecule separations (proteins & peptides) from 60Å to 1000Å
  • C18, C8, C4, C2, Amino, Cyano, Phenyl, Diol, and Custom Bonded Phases
  • Modified aluminas with three pH levels and specific Brockmann activities
  • Ion exchange resins with superior physical and chemical properties

With all of these adsorbents available at Sorbtech, finding appropriate adsorbents is easy and convenient. Allow a Sorbtech Account Manager to help you develop or optimize your application or process.