High Performance Liquid Chromatography Columns, HPLC Columns

Sorbent Technologies' offers Sorbtech Purity™, Macherey-Nagel, Jordi Associates, and Mitsubishi HPLC Columns for Analytical, Semi-Prep, and Preparative HPLC. All these columns offer excellent separation, reproducibility, reliability, and scalability. For custom applications, it is recommended to use our Sorbtech Purity™ columns.

These columns are available packed with 3µm-20µm, high quality silica gel and a variety of bonded phases with pore sizes ranging from 50 - 4000Å. We offer a custom packing service if you cannot find the column for your application.

HPLC Columns from Sorbtech, Jordi Associates, Mitsubishi, and Macherey-Nagel include:

  • Stainless steel columns with custom sizes if necessary
  • Connection of columns with Guard Column Cartridges via widely available adaptors
  • All HPLC columns are packed with a variety of high-quality silica gel, polymeric phases, etc.
  • Each column is individually tested using appropriate compounds for each stationary phase type, guaranteeing excellent column-to-column reproducibility.
  • Due to our wide array of columns available, contact an account representative if you require something outside of columns offered.