Macherey-Nagel Optima High Performance GC & GC/MS Columns

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Macherey-Nagel Optima
High Performance GC & GC/MS Columns

  • Ultra-High Performance
  • Increased Selectivity
  • High Thermal Stability
  • Maximum Operating
  • Temperatures
  • Lower Bleed Levels
  • Extremely Inert

ColumnStationary PhaseDescriptionPolarity
Optima®-1100% DimethylpolysiloxaneGreat all-purpose column. Excellent thermal stability. Separation by boiling point.Non-Polar
Optima®-55% Phenyl, 95% MethylpolysiloxaneOften the first choice in method development. Excellent thernal stability. Slight phase polarity gives greater selectivty. Supreme versatility.
Optima® XLBSilarylene hase, optimised silarylene contentChemically bonded, cross-linked silarylene phase, optimised silarylene content for lowest column bleed
Optima®phase with autoselectivityMedium polar without CN groups. Analytes determine the polarity of the phase. Idea for MSD and PND detectors.
Optima®-13016% Cyanopropyl-phenyl, 94% methylpolysiloxaneSpecifically designed for U.S. EPA Methods 608, 508, 8080 (pesticide analysis).
Optima®-6246% Cyanopropyl-phenyl, 94% methylpolysiloxaneSpecifically designed for U.S. EPA Methods 624 (environmental analysis).
Optima®-170114% Cyanopropyl-phenyl, 86% methylpolysiloxaneUnique polarity (relative to Optima®-17). Ideal for alaysis of pesicides, drugs, and solvents.
Optima®-1750% Phenyl, 50% MethylpolysiloxaneGreater phenyl content provides a unique polarity and higher thermal stability (relative to Optima®-1701). Great peak shape for amines. Ideal for analysis of pesticides and drugs.
Optima®-21050% Trifluoropropyl, 50% methylpolysiloxaneExcellent for EPA Methods 8140 and 609. Equivalent to USP Phase G6.
Optima®-22550% Cyanopropyl-phenyl, 50% methylpolysiloxaneIdeal for separation of cis- and trans-fatty acid methyl esters (FAMEs). CLose equivalent to USP Phase G7.
Optima®-24033% Cyanopropyl-phenyl, 67% DimethylpolysiloxaneRecommended for FAMEs and dioxin analyses.
Optima®-WaxPolyethylene glycol (PEG)Ideal for analysis of polar compounds. Excellent for alcohols, aromatics, FAMEs, BETX, solvents, etc.
Optima®-FFAPNitroterephthalic acid modified Polyethylene glycol (PEG)Ideal for analysis of volatile fatty acids, and phenols. Close equivalent to USP Phase G35Very Polar