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These media-similar to GE's Sepharose®, Sephadex®, and Superdex® products - are manufactured to the highest quality to ensure reproducibility and optimal performance.

Sorbtech Size Exclusion Chromatography Products

We've expanded our affordably priced SEC product line to include:

SorbaDex™ (Sephadex equivalent) is a cross-linked composite dextran matrix for gel filtration, buffer exchange, and desalting of biological solutions. We offer our SorbaDex in two different fractionation ranges 1-5kD (SorbaDex 25) and 2-30kD (SorbaDex 50) with several different particle sizes for all your needs. For organic solvent purifications we have both 20-LH and 60-LH available.

SorbaRose™ (Sepharose Equivalent) is a beaded cross-linked agarose solid phase that have varying concentrations of agarose, either 4 or 6% (w/w). We offer unmodified as well as chemically modified Sorbarose solid phases suitable for all applications.

SuperSorb™ (Superdex Equivalent) is a covalently-linked agarose-dextran matrix for high resolution fractionation of biomolecules. It is available for two different fractionation ranges of 3-70kD (SuperSorb 75) and 6-600kD (SuperSorb 200).

All these materials are available as bulk media or pre-packed in our SNAP FPLC columns.

Sorbtech also offers pre-packed columns (MINISpin, gravity, FPLC) and gel filtration plates to meet all of your pilot and process needs.

Contact us directly for information on our gel filtration and size-exclusion (SEC) product offerings!

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