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Losing Money from Contaminated Cannabis Compounds?

What’s in your plant defines what’s in your pocket. You can’t sell product that’s not safe, consumable, and effective. Lost revenue, or a tainted reputation, is the last thing you need. The crunch to comply with increasing state regulations can create a tremendous amount of waste, and waste means money down the drain.

Chromatography Plays a Crucial Role

To ensure consumer safety, chromatographic testing is needed to eliminate residual solvents, pesticides and other contaminants—while testing for potency of THC and CBD.

The Challenge:

Find an efficient, cost-effective method to remove contaminants from extracts while maintaining yield and purity of valuable cannabinoids and terpenes. We’re committed to solving this challenge.

How will Sorbtech boost your bottom line?

Sorbtech has chromatography solutions to meet your decontamination and purification challenges, including the products, technical knowledge, and support to achieve successful cannabis analyses and production. We’ll help you find the most efficient, cost-saving solutions for your applications to:
  • Dramatically reduce lab and manufacturing costs
  • Increase efficiency and save your lab valuable time
  • Increase revenue and build a solid reputation

We’re Committed to Your Success

Our commitment extends beyond a trusted, comprehensive product line. Sorbtech’s scientists and cannabis experts have helped numerous companies struggling to decontaminate and purify extracts in analysis and production. We can help you too.

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