Digital Square Hotplate/Stirrer

Scilogex Digital hotplate Stirrers have a clear LED display. The temperature control knob allows the user easily to set the target temperature and display will then revert to real-time temperature. A wide variety of accessories are available including PT1000 sensors for accurately controlling the medium's temperature.


  • Adjustable safety temperature cut-out:
    Safety cut-out within the 100-580°C temperature range is adjustable.
  • Accurate temperature and speed control:
    The microprocessor control technology effectively monitors the temperature and speed precision

Features of Digital Models:

  • Heat Warning:
    • The LCD displays "HOT" until the plate temperature goes below 50°C, even when the unit is switched off
    • The hotplate turns off when the plate temperature below goes 50°C.
  • LCD Real-time display:
    • Set temp and actual temp can be displayed.
    • Real-time monitoring temperature and speed via LCD display.
  • PC control via RS232 interface, can control and document all measuring values via PC. Parameters can be set to carry out safety monitoring.

Catalog #/DescriptionAdd to Cart/List Price
7120-1300 - Pro Digital Magnetic Stirrer, Ceramic Glass Plate, 110V, 60Hz, MS7-ProAdd to Cart  575.00
7120-2300 - Pro Digital Hotplate Magnetic Stirrer, Ceramic Glass Plate, 7 in. square, LCD Display, Brushless motor, 110V, 60HzAdd to Cart  725.00
7120-2101 - SCILOGEX HP550-S LED Digital 7in Square Hotplate, ceramic-glass plate, 110V/60Hz, HP550-SAdd to Cart  545.00