Flash Chromatography Systems

The EZ Flash System is an affordable modular Flash system composed of the EZ Mini Flash Pump, an EZ Detector, EZ Fraction Collector and Purity Flash cartridges. Purchase Components as needed! EZ Flash is the perfect, compact, low-cost Flash Purification System that enables you to purify from 10 mg to 60 g of sample in disposable columns. Our Purity Flash cartridges and EZ Flash cartridges, are designed with standard luer connections. One simple connection enables you to realize the benefits of the Purity Flash cartridges and EZ Flash Cartridges, on your EZ Mini Flash, Biotage, Isco, or FlashMaster systems.

5 Easy Steps make EZ Flash ideal for method development and everyday purification:

  • Connect solvent bottle to EZ Mini Flash Pump
  • Connect Flash column (Superflash™ or EZ Flash MT)
  • Condition Column with 2 column volumes of solvent
  • Inject your sample
  • Collect fractions