SorbaRose - beaded cross-linked agarose solid phase

Affinity (AC) (IMAC) Activated (AC) Hydrophobic Interaction (HIC) Ion Exchange (IEC)

Achieve a broader range, better performance, and budget savings

Researchers across all industries are consistently asking for products that allow them to spend less and discover more. Sorbtech helps them achieve this with our enhanced line of Size Exclusion Chromatography products.

SorbaRose enables labs to test within a broader range of solid phases, reduce budgets, and test with confidence. Developed for high resolution fractionation of biomolecules, SorbaRose is a beaded cross-linked agarose solid phase that has varying concentrations of agarose - either 4 or 6% (w/w). Sorbtech offers unmodified and chemically modified SorbaRose solid phases suitable for all applications.

SorbaRose features and benefits:
  • Available for a wide variety of applications-modified and unmodified
  • Tolerant of most Clean In Place (CIP) procedures based on ligand
  • Available from pilot size up to a process scale
  • Suitable for most solvents
Formats available include
  • Bulk resins
  • SorbaSep columns
  • FPLC columns
  • MINI Spin columns
  • GraviPure columns
  • Microplates
  • Column arrays
  • Packed SNAP columns
Applications include but are not limited to:
  • Antibody purification
  • High resolution fractionation of biomolecules
  • Purification of human IgG
  • Immobilize enzymes, antibodies, and other proteins

Catalog #/DescriptionAdd to Cart/List Price
801041-0025L - SorbaRose 6, Agarose-based, 25mlAdd to Cart  284.76
801041-0125L - SorbaRose 6, Agarose-based, 125mlCALL FOR PRICE
801041-025L - SorbaRose 6, Agarose-based, 250mlCALL FOR PRICE
801041-05L - SorbaRose 6, Agarose-based, 500mlCALL FOR PRICE
801041-1L - SorbaRose 6, Agarose-based, 1LCALL FOR PRICE
ProductBase MaterialAgarose ConcentrationParticle SizeExclusion Limit (kD)Max Pressure (bar)Max Flow (mL/min)
Sorbarose CL4Cross Linked Agarose4%100 µmUp to 20,000≤1.9≤4
Sorbarose CL6Cross Linked Agarose6%100 µmUp to 4,000≤2.2≤10
Sorbarose FF4Flash Flow Agarose4%100 µmUp to 30,000≤3.5≤35
Sorbarose FF6Flash Flow Agarose6%100 µmUp to 4,000≤4.5≤60
Sorbarose HC4High Performance Agarose4%35 µmUp to 20,000≤3.0≤30
Sorbarose HC6High Performance Agarose6%35 µmUp to 4,000≤3.0≤40