Jordi Polymeric Resins

Jordi Labs is the only company that makes GPC packings from 100% polydivinylbenzene (DVB) or crosslinked polyamides for compatibility with high temperatures, pressures and a wide range of solvents. Competitors make their packings from fragile polystyrene-divinylbenzene copolymers (PS-DVB) that shrink and swell with changes in solvent, temperature and pressure. Jordi GPC packings have higher pore volume than PS-DVB packings for more separating power per unit gel.

Jordi packing materials are manufactured in a wide range of configurations as shown below:
  • a wide range of particle sizes for SPE applications
  • wide range of surface chemistries (ion exchange, hydrophobic, hydrophilic)
  • wide range of pore sizes and mixed pore sizes
C18 DVB Fluorinated Glucose