Peristaltic Pump Dispenser

Use the Scilogex 9100 dispenser to transfer a precise amount of reagent directly from your reservoir to your application with an adjustable flow rate up to 180ml/min. The dispenser minimizes waste with priming back any unused reagents to your reservoir. There is no need to waste time in purging and cleaning equipment, one tube can be used for each reagent. The simple to master controls allow you to dispense or aspirate any volume with high precision and accuracy. Any protocol can be programmed to repeat up to 99 times with up to 99 second intervals.

Reagent volumes can be calibrated to match two different tube sizes and the display can be adjusted to show the desired working range in either µl or ml. A single touch of the 'Stop' button and any pump operation is immediately terminated. Scilogex 9100 can be supplied with a remote foot pedal switch allowing hands free operation. The lightweight portable design allows handheld operation and uses minimal bench space.

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Catalog #/DescriptionAdd to Cart/List Price
7720-0000 - Unoverse Peristaltic Dispenser, supplied with 1meter of 2mm ID silicone tubing (9000509) & 2mm tubing clips (9000602), 110V-240, 50/60Hz, (320rpm max speed)Add to Cart  885.00
7720-0010 - Unoverse Peristaltic Dispenser, supplied with 1meter of 2mm ID silicone tubing (9000509) & 2mm tubing clips (9000602), 110V-240, 50/60Hz, (520rpm max speed)Add to Cart  885.00
7820-0506 - Santoprene tubing ID 02.00mm, per meterAdd to Cart  75.00
7820-0507 - Silicone tubing ID 01.00mm, per meterAdd to Cart  5.00
7820-0509 - Silicone tubing ID 02.00mm, per meterAdd to Cart  5.63
7820-0508 - Silicone tubing ID 03.00mm, per meterAdd to Cart  5.63
7820-0512 - Santoprene tubing assembly ID 01.00mmAdd to Cart  12.00
7820-0513 - Santoprene tubing assembly ID 02.00mmAdd to Cart  15.00
7820-0518 - Santoprene tubing assembly ID 03.00mmAdd to Cart  18.00
7820-0601 - 1mm tubing clips (pair)Add to Cart  4.00
7820-0602 - 2mm tubing clips (pair)Add to Cart  4.00
7820-0603 - 3mm tubing clips (pair)Add to Cart  4.00
7820-0001 - Bench stand/wall bracketAdd to Cart  121.88
7820-0002 - 8-Channel dispense headAdd to Cart  96.88
7820-6013 - FootswitchAdd to Cart  75.00
Accuracy (A%)0.3% @ 500 µl
Precision (CV%)0.8%@500 µl
Max Flow Rate(using ID 3.0mm dia. tubing)180ml/min
Material wetted partsSantoprene or Silicone
Port connectorsfor IDØ2.0mm tubing
Memory dispense cycles1 to 99 events
Dispense intervals1 to 99 seconds
Dimensions5.5L x 2.6W x 1.4H inches
Voltage/Hz100-240V, 0.3A MAX 47-63Hz


  • High precision, three rollers system
  • Lightweight portable design
  • Easy tube replacement
  • Silicone or santoprene tubing options
  • Suitable for media dispensing
  • Flow rate maximum 180ml/min
  • Bi-directional - dispense & aspirate
  • Repeatable dispense mode
  • Self priming
  • Optional foot pedal and optional wall bracket/bench stand
  • Low voltage - 12V DC
  • Multi voltage 100-240V
  • Variable speed
  • Maintenance free