EZ Flash Chromatography Detectors

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UV Channels

The purpose of this device is to assure detection for variety of analytes and extremely wide concentration ranges. For instance, 250nm UV channel detects p-Toluic acid (lmax = 242nm, e = 14400) in ethanol from 1mg/L to 200g/L with a signal to noise ratio better than 10:1.

No reference cell is implemented for both UV channels. However, the drift is minimized to the extent that zeroing is never needed. Apparent variance of quartz cell transmittivity due to variable refractive coefficients of the solvent is continuously accounted for during data acquisition.

Deep UV LEDs employed as light sources eliminate the need for warm-up time. The unit is instantaneously ready when powered on. Also, LEDS have much longer life span than gas discharge lamps. Another important feature of this device is the reliable suppression of spurious signals from multiple gas bubbles which are very common in a preparative column effluent.

  1. No column effluent split is required. Flow rate is up to 120mL/min can be achieved with the minimum hydrodynamic resistance.
  2. An adapter, provided with the detector, connects a conventional glass flash chromatography column to 1/16" or 1/8" plastic tubing. 4 ft of 1/16" and 4 ft of 1/8" teflon tubing are provided with the detector. Note, that metal tubing should not be used with this adapter.
  3. Standard 1/4" x 28TPI FPLC inlet and outlet allows for direct attachment to most FPLC systems. The Detector also has following connectors provided: two 1/16" plastic tubing; two 1/8" plastic tubing; two male Luer lock, two female Luer lock. Note, that metal tubing should not be used with these connectors.