Macherey-Nagel OPTIMA® XLB, GC Column

STATIONARY PHASE: Silarylene hase, optimised silarylene content


  • Max. temperature for isothermal operation 340°C
  • Max. temperature for short isotherms in a temperature program 360°C
  • Lowest column bleed, nonpolar phase, ideal for ion trap and quadrupol MS detectors. Perfect inertness for basic compounds. Solvent rinsing for removal of impurities applicable.Recommended phase for PCB separations
  • Chemically bonded, cross-linked silarylene phase, optimised silarylene content for lowest column bleed
  • Similar phases: DB-XLB, Rtx-XLB, MDN-12, VF-XMS
  • Recommended Applications: ultra low bleed phase, highly selective for environmental and trace analyses, pesticides

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725850.30 - GC Column, Optima-XLB, 0.25mm, 0.25um, 30mAdd to Cart  684.00
725850.60 - GC Column, Optima-XLB, 0.25mm, 0.25um, 60mAdd to Cart  1235.00