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<b>Silica Gel</b>

Silica is Our Specialty!

Sorbent Technologies™ offers a complete selection of silica gel products designed to perform simple to complex analytical and preparative chromatographic techniques for laboratory, pilot, and industrial process applications.

Our full range of standardized silica gels are available as granular (premium, standard, and economy grade) and spherical shapes with pore diameters ranging from 60Å to 2000Å, particle sizes from 3μm to 500μm, and bonded phases from C18 to SAX.

All of Sorbent Technologies™ silica gels are manufactured using GMP standards ensuring the highest performance and reproducibility with no scale-up limitations.

Certificates of analysis and individual data sheets are available for each product upon request. Inquire about custom products. We have available silica gel products for Flash, Classic Column, MPLC, HPLC, TLC, and DCC.

Particle Size Conversion Table


ChemistryOne-pot three-enzyme chemoenzymatic approach to the synthesis of sialosides containing natural and non-natural functionalitiesHai Yu1, Harshal A. Chokhawala1, Shengshu Huang1 & Xi Chen
Cucurbituril Complexes of Viologens Bound to TiO2 FilmsMarina Freitag and Elena Galoppini*
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Polymer ChemistryFully biodegradable polymeric micelles based on hydrophobic- and hydrophilic-functionalized poly(lactide) block copolymersBenjamin Nottelet, Claudia Di Tommaso, Karine Mondon, Robert Gurny, Michael Möller
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Environmental ResearchDioxin Photoproducts of Triclosan and Its Chlorinated Derivatives in Sediment CoresJeffrey M. Buth†, Peter O. Steen‡, Charles Sueper§, Dylan Blumentritt∥, Peter J. Vikesland⊥, William A. Arnold*‡ and Kristopher McNeill*†⊗
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Thiophene Dendron Jacketed Poly(amidoamine) Dendrimers:  Nanoparticle Synthesis and Adsorption on GraphiteSuxiang Deng , Jason Locklin , Derek Patton , Akira Baba , and Rigoberto C. Advincula *
Cell BiologyEfficient Solution-Processed Photovoltaic Cells Based on an Anthradithiophene/Fullerene BlendMatthew T. Lloyd ,† Alex C. Mayer ,† Sankar Subramanian ,‡ Devin A. Mourey ,† Dave J. Herman ,† Amit V. Bapat,† John E. Anthony ,‡ and George G. Malliaras *†
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Physical ChemistryMaristentorin, a Novel Pigment from the Positively Phototactic Marine Ciliate Maristentor dinoferus, Is Structurally Related to Hypericin and StentorinPrasun Mukherjee ,† D. Bruce Fulton ,‡ Mintu Halder ,† Xinxin Han ,† Daniel W. Armstrong ,† Jacob W. Petrich ,*†and Christopher S. Lobban *§
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Synthesis, Molecular and Electronic Structure, and TDDFT and TDDFT-PCM Study of the Solvatochromic Properties of (Me2Pipdt)Mo(CO)4Complex (Me2Pipdt = N,N‘-Dimethylpiperazine-2,3-dithione)Victor N. Nemykin ,*†‡ Joseph G. Olsen ,† Eranda Perera ,‡ and Partha Basu *‡
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Polymer ChemistryExploring shape amphiphiles beyond giant surfactants: molecular design and click synthesisKan Yue,a  Chang Liu,a  Kai Guo,a  Kan Wu,a  Xue-Hui Dong,a  Hao Liu,a  Mingjun Huang,a  Chrys Wesdemiotis,ab  Stephen Z. D. Cheng*a  and  Wen-Bin Zhang*a 
BiochemistryUnilamellar Liposomes with Enhanced Boron ContentTiejun Li , Julie Hamdi , and M. Frederick Hawthorne *
BiochemistryEffect of composition and nanostructure on CO2/N2 transport properties of supported alkyl-imidazolium block copolymer membranesPhuc Tien Nguyen, Erin F. Wiesenauer, Douglas L. Gin, Richard D. Noble
The Conversion of Phenols to the Corresponding Aryl Halides Under Mild ConditionsAlicia L. S. Thompsona, George W. Kabalkab, Murthy R. Akulab, John W. Huffman*aa
MedicineIn Vitro Reconstitution of Two Essential Steps in Wall Teichoic Acid BiosynthesisCynthia Ginsberg, Yu-Hui Zhang, Yanqiu Yuan and Suzanne Walker*
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PhytochemistryBioactive constituents of Helianthus tuberosus (Jerusalem artichoke)Li Pan, Michelle R. Sinden, Aaron H. Kennedy, Heebyung Cha, Linda E. Watson, Terrence L. Graham, A. Douglas Kinghorn
Physical ChemistryFrequency upconverted lasing of nanocrystal quantum dots in microbeadsChunfeng Zhang1, Fan Zhang1, An Cheng1, Brian Kimball2, Andrew Y. Wang3, and Jian Xu1, a)
Organic ChemistryCucurbit[7]uril Complexation Drives Thermal trans–cis-Azobenzene Isomerization and Enables Colorimetric Amine DetectionJing Wu, Lyle Isaacs Prof. Dr.

Most common Silica Gel

Unmodified bare silica

Catalog #/DescriptionAdd to Cart/List Price
40930-25 - Silica Gel, Technical Grade, 60A, 40-63um, 25kgAdd to Cart  1690.00
40930-1 - Silica Gel, Technical Grade, 60A, 40-63um, 1kgAdd to Cart  153.31
40940-25 - Silica Gel, Technical Grade, 60A, 63-200um, 25kgAdd to Cart  1600.00
40940-1 - Silica Gel, Technical Grade, 60A, 63-200um, 1kgAdd to Cart  148.31
52500-25 - Silica Gel, Premium Rf, 60A, 40-75um, 25kgAdd to Cart  2391.30
52500-1 - Silica Gel, Premium Rf, 60A, 40-75um, 1kgAdd to Cart  161.76
52700-25 - Silica Gel, Premium Rf, 60A, 75-200um, 25kgAdd to Cart  2326.09
52700-1 - Silica Gel, Premium Rf, 60A, 75-200um, 1kgAdd to Cart  157.35
62500-1 - Spherical Silica Gel, Premium Rf, 70A, 40-75um, 1kgAdd to Cart  256.11
62700-1 - Spherical Silica Gel, Premium Rf, 70A, 75-200um, 1kgAdd to Cart  213.33
63500-1 - Spherical Silica Gel, Premium Rf, 100A, 40-75um, 1kgAdd to Cart  271.11
72600-1 - Spherical Silica Gel, Premium Rf, 70A, 20-45um, 1kgAdd to Cart  677.06

Bonded phase silica

Catalog #/DescriptionAdd to Cart/List Price
452546M-1 - C18 Silica Gel, Enhanced Grade, 60A, 40-63um, Endcapped, 1kgCALL FOR PRICE