Mitsubishi Polymeric Resins

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Mitsubishi Polymeric Resins provide superior results in a wide variety of applications and are available in a broad range of chemistries and particle size distributions. All resins are competitively priced and technically supported by a highly experienced researchers sales and service staff, worldwide. Extensive process and analysis support is available to assist you in your development. That is why Mitsubishi polymeric resins are known throughout the world for their superior performance, and physical and chemical properties providing dependable, quality separation performance.

Mitsubishi Chemical's line of polymeric resins offers over 45 unique chemical compositions in a wide variety of particle sizes and base polymer matrices (including a hydrophilic vinylpolymer for protein separation) for size exclusion, ion exchange, ion chromatography, hydrophobic interaction, reversed phase and chiral chromatography, in both analytical and preparative applications.