Glass Beads, Specialty Adsorbents

For use in column affinity chromatography for isolation and study of glycoprotein factors promoting attachment and spreading of cells in culture.
  • Composition: Soda-lime-borosilicate glass
  • Shape: Hollow spheres with thin walls
  • Color: White, powdery
  • Free flowing
  • High strength


Catalog # Description Density Quantity
93015-01Glass Beads, 9-24 µm (15 µm mean)0.60 g/cc100 g
93018-01Glass Beads, 10-30 µm (18 µm mean)0.30 g/cc100 g
93022-01Glass Beads, 11-37 µm (22 µm mean)0.42 g/cc100 g
93029-01Glass Beads, 12-48 µm (29 µm mean)0.60 g/cc100 g
93040-01Glass Beads, 20-70 µm (40 µm mean)0.32 g/cc100 g
Bulk sizes are available


Catalog #/DescriptionAdd to Cart/List Price
93015-01 - Glass Beads, 9-24um (15um mean), 100gAdd to Cart  52.50
93018-01 - Glass Beads, 10-30um (18um mean), 100gAdd to Cart  52.50
93022-01 - Glass Beads, 11-37um (22um mean), 100gAdd to Cart  52.50
93029-01 - Glass Beads, 12-48um (29um mean), 100gAdd to Cart  52.50
93040-01 - Glass Beads, 20-70um (40um mean), 100gAdd to Cart  52.50